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Das Übersetzernetzwerk© works for private clients, public authorities, churches, associations, courts, colleges, universities and companies. We specialise in certified translations and technical translations for various fields and our 350 translators work in around 50 languages.

The translation agency for fast, reliable translations from professionals

Our more than 350 graduate translators, specialist translators and publicly appointed and sworn (sworn / authorised) translators, proofreaders and terminologists worldwide work exclusively into their respective mother tongue and only in the designated specialist field.

Our translation agency has redefined the standards for quality in the translation industry. In order to be counted among the best translation agencies in Germany, all translations are subject to strict checks according to the 4-eyes principle before they are delivered.

The most important goal for all our state-certified translators, technical translators, terminologists, proofreaders and certified, sworn document translators is customer satisfaction and recognition when being able to exceed translation expectations.

We also take security, and especially data security, very seriously. We operate our own servers in our translation office - no data is sent to third parties abroad!

How much for a translation?

Prices for translations are always calculated individually using parameters such as text volume, language pair, specialty area, complexity, delivery deadlines, certified translations and a few more.

As we strive for providing you with the best translation quality all translations are subject to the 4-eyes-principle. Every translation project and every text is absolutely individual and we cannot state flat rate prices without having seen the respective text.

Certified translations

official certificates/marital status/certificates of good conduct/contracts etc.

Translation of websites

for colleges, universities, government agencies, companies etc.

Proofreading and editing

for example: English, German, French etc.

Legal translations

contracts, agreements, terms and conditions of business, court rulings etc.

Technical translations

material safety data sheets, environment and energy, operating instructions, manuals etc.

Medical translations

examination reports, findings, medical reports etc.

Specialist translations in the field of software/IT

apps, software applications, Internet technology etc.

Some of the Clients we worked for:

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