Certified translation of documents, certificates, contracts etc. for home and abroad

A "certified translation" is the translation of a document from the source language into the target language, whereby the translation is given a seal and signature of the publicly appointed and court-certified (or certified/authorized) translator.

NOTE: The following applies to the use in Germany of all documents that you want to submit to an official office, an authority, court, etc. Here, they must be completed by a sworn / accredited in Germany (by a German court). If you have the document already translated in the country of origin this translation is not recognized by the German authorities and you have to have the whole thing translated again.

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What does one need the certified translation for?
The certified translation is needed, for example, for birth certificates, marriage certificates, certificates of no impediment, name changes, divorce rulings, driving licenses, certificates of residence, estate regulations, wills, property purchases and property sales, income tax certificates, pension certificates, naturalization papers, residence permits, the waiving of citizenship, certificates of baptism and many more purposes.

But also for certificates of all kinds such as the high school diploma, certificates of good conduct, letters of reference from the employer, degree certificates, diploma certificates, bachelor and master certificates, business registrations, commercial register, etc. - for all the documents that are for an official purpose.

Even contracts, agreements, court decisions, legal documents, letters of intent and pre-contracts often have to be made as a certified translation, so that they are considered legally valid.

What does the certified translation cost?
The cost of certified translations is based on the amount of text, field, legibility of the source text and language combination. Flat-rate price information cannot be given because of the variety of different documents.
We provide you with a non-binding offer free of charge for your translation! Simply send the text(s) to be translated by email to: angebot@uebersetzernetzwerk.net or upload the documents using our Offer form.

Certified translation for abroad?
Depending on the country, the certified translations made in Germany are also considered official documents. The office abroad which is to receive the certified translation can tell you in concrete terms. Possibly the affixing of an apostille or legalization is also required.

What is an apostille or legalization?
The Hague Apostille serves to confirm the authenticity of a document, which must be presented for this purpose in the original. The attachment of the apostille is an official action for which a fee is charged and may take some time under certain circumstances. We will handle affixing of the apostille for you.


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