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For years Das Übersetzernetzwerk München has been offering quality specialised translations and certified translations for private and business customers from Munich.

Legal translations

Court letters, Court rulings, Indictments, Rogatory letters, Interrogation protocols, Testimonies, Decisions, Medical and other reports, Contracts, Agreements, Statutes, Commercial Register excerpts, Rental contracts, Purchase contracts, Terms and Conditions of Business, etc.

Certified translations

Adoption records, Medical certificates, Excerpts from the commercial register, Diplomas, Diploma certificates, Bachelor's and master certificates, Driving licenses, Marriage certificates, Birth certificates, Divorce decrees, Certificates of Name Change, Civil partnership certificates, University entrance certificates, Certificates of good conduct, etc.

Technical translations

Machine tools, Engineering, Telecommunications technology, Plastics technology, Extrusion, Air-conditioning technology, Measurement and control engineering, Metalworking, Logistics, Laser technology, Environmental technology, Energy, Vehicle construction, Aircraft construction, Chemicals, Construction and civil engineering, etc.

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City of Munich

The city of Munich currently has around 1.5 million inhabitants on an area of approximately 31,000 hectares. Munich has two major universities: the Ludwig Maximilian University of Munich and the Technical University of Munich. In addition, various technical colleges (University of Applied Sciences), also with technical as well as artistic orientation are located in Munich.

Munich developed from the Bavarian duchy to the imperial capital; finally, it became the capital of Bavaria and is one of the so-called "world cities" with special economic, political and cultural relevance for much of the world. The status from an economic perspective, of a heavyweight Munich owes to the resident small and medium businesses and global corporations in the areas of insurance, auto manufacturing, media, engineering, IT and tourism. In the Munich area, Germany’s most DAX-listed companies are located (Allianz, BMW, Linde, Munich Re, Siemens and Infineon).

Although Munich shines with countless beautiful buildings of world renown and other superlatives - the oldest dated building in Munich is a latrine, which was uncovered during excavations at the Marienhof.

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