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'Das Übersetzernetzwerk' is a network of over 350 translators with more than 20 years of experience. We cover more than 50 languages with our translators and have experts for almost every subject area. We offer translations for the private, business and university/scientific sectors. In our network of translators, we have many specialists for a wide variety of subject areas, such as mechanical engineering and other technical disciplines, medicine, law, information technology, etc. We consistently apply the native speaker principle: all our translators always translate into their respective mother tongue. Thanks to this specialisation and the native speaker principle, we can guarantee a consistently high quality and professional suitability of the texts we translate.

Especially in the case of immigration and emigration, international relocations, stays abroad, etc., certified translations of all kinds of documents and certificates are required by the authorities. Our network of translators also has several colleagues who have been sworn in by regional courts and can thus produce court-approved and legally compliant translations for authorities, courts and other institutions at home and abroad.

Especially in the business and university sector, communication and publications are no longer only in German, but predominantly in English or other languages. In addition to classic translation services, such as specialist translations, we also offer proofreading of your texts in a wide range of languages. Last but not least, we are of course also happy to proofread your German texts. – So that you have the certainty of not having to experience any unpleasant surprises in the event of later printing or publication, resulting in high additional costs!

Scientific texts

Professional articles, monographs, lectures / lecture manuscripts, research reports, scientific qualification theses (diploma thesis, dissertation, habilitation thesis), essays, minutes, thesis papers (handouts), abstracts, reviews

Certified translations

Medical certificates, certificates and diplomas, adoption documents, birth and marriage certificates, identity papers, divorce documents, marriageability certificates, driving licences, residence permits, notarial contracts, deeds, etc.

Euregio Meuse-Rhine

Especially due to Aachen's close connection within the Euregio Meuse-Rhine to Belgium and the Netherlands, translations play a special role in business, cultural and official exchanges. Among other things, we offer certified translations from and into French and Dutch. If you need to have documents translated in a legally secure manner for business and official exchanges within the framework of joint projects, you have come to the right place!

Specialist translations

Business reports, workshop manuals, brochures and advertising texts, websites, webshops, IT documents, user manuals, operator manuals, patent specifications, legal texts, articles in trade journals, medical texts, package inserts, etc.

Business documents

Contracts, excerpts from the commercial register, correspondence, documents from legal proceedings, internal documents, presentations, instructions, work instructions, declarations of conformity, data sheets, safety data sheets, ...


Technical documentation, publications, theses, literary texts, correspondence, manuscripts

Private documents and texts

Bank documents, employer's references, employment contracts, references, curriculum vitae, bank statement, tenancy agreement, certificate of freedom from rent debts, certificate of registration, electricity bill, SCHUFA information, proof of creditworthiness


Fiction, non-fiction, comics, plays, radio plays, films, etc.

Das Übersetzernetzwerk Aachen offers you:

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  • ✓ IT translations
  • ✓ Medical translations
  • ✓ Business documents
  • ✓ and much more...

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We offer our translation services for the city of Aachen and the Euregio Meuse-Rhine. You benefit from our first-class quality, reliable service and fair prices. We are equally active in the university sector (e.g. RWTH Aachen University, FH Aachen), in the business sector and in the private sector.

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