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Das Übersetzernetzwerk Dortmund specialises in technical translations from a wide range of fields as well as certified translations. Our clients are private customers, pupils and students as well as large corporations and medium-sized companies, but also courts, offices, authorities and universities.

The city of Dortmund, with its location on the eastern edge of the Rhine-Ruhr metropolitan region, is an important economic and commercial centre. The economy has also changed in Dortmund. After the decline of the iron and steel industry, new economic sectors have developed. This structural change promoted diversity. Innovation and investment secure jobs in Dortmund and the region. A colourful and strong start-up scene has developed. We are partners to many of these companies.

If you too would like to present your company website to more than just German customers, we would be happy to be your contact too. Just imagine that with a professional translation of your company website into English, you will immediately reach 360 million more people! Because that is the number of people who have English as their mother tongue. What kind of markets are suddenly opening up?! Or go one step further and reach around 523 million more people directly with a translation of your company website into Spanish! Of course, you can also go the whole hog and commission us to translate your website into Mandarin - and reach an incredible 1 billion more people.

But we are not only at your side for the big business events, you can also count on us for the big and small events in your private life. We can translate your school-leaving certificate for studying abroad in Hungary or the papers for your dream wedding in Hawaii, your CV for your new job with your dream employer in the USA or that great recipe from Thailand so that you can surprise your favourite person with a culinary memory of your last holiday... we are talented in many ways - and we are happy to show it. Just ask us.

You just want any translation? You can get it anywhere! With us you only get the good stuff. We are your contact in Dortmund when it comes to high-quality, professional and reliable translations.

Certified translations

by publicly appointed and sworn translators, also apostille, legalisation, over-certification, etc.

Business translation

Bank, stock exchange, tax, sustainability reports, corporate governance etc.

Technical translation law

terms and conditions of business, rental contracts, patents, donation contracts, company reports, work contracts, etc.

Technical translation

Operating instructions, user manuals, handbooks, spare parts catalogues, workshop manuals, circuit diagrams, etc.

Translation in Science & Medicine

from biochemical process technology to medical informatics. Also editing of publications, dissertations, publications, etc.

Translation of internet pages

Website translation of medical institutions, lawyers, retail, industry, web shops, internet offers, Ebay shop, Amazon etc.

The Dortmund translation agency at a glance

  • Certified translation University entrance qualification (Abitur)
  • Certified translation Bachelor
  • Certified translation naturalisation
  • Certified translation driving licence
  • Certified translation certificate of good conduct
  • Sworn translation birth certificate
  • Sworn Translation Marriage Certificate
  • Sworn translation registration certificate
  • Sworn translation change of name
  • Sworn Translation School Certificate
  • Sworn translation master's certificate
  • Legal translation
  • Contract translation
  • Business translation
  • Business report translation
  • Technical translation
  • Science & Medicine
  • Website translation
  • Apostille
  • Legalisation
  • Authentication

Frequently asked questions about certified translations

Do I have to submit the original for a certified translation?
No. You do not have to submit the original to the translator for a certified translation (or official translation, certified translation). A scan of the original or a photo of the original is sufficient, which you then send by e-mail, e.g. to us at the Dortmund translation agency. In Germany, a certified translation confirms that the translation is complete and correct.
In the case of an order, however, we will then send the certified translation to you by post as a stamped and signed original.

Who does the certified translation?

A certified translation may only be done by a translator who is "publicly appointed and judicially sworn/authorised" by a German court. In order to obtain the so-called "Bestallung", the translator must prove to the court that he or she is a suitable translator of documents. This is done, for example, by means of a university degree in the field of interpreting/translation with a specialisation in "legal translation".

What does a certified translation cost?

The costs for a certified translation cannot be quoted as a lump sum. The prices are as individual as the documents. You can receive a quote for your translation easily, quickly and free of charge. The offer is of course completely non-binding for you and does not entail any costs or obligations.

How long is a certified translation valid?
The certified translation itself is not subject to a time-limited period of validity. However, it may be that a registry office only accepts documents that are no older than three months, for example. However, this primarily concerns the source document. Here, depending on the purpose of use, you should observe the time limits mentioned for your original document.

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Das Übersetzernetzwerk employs 350 translators with a wide range of specialisations from many different countries. This enables us to take into account national characteristics. However, our translators have one thing in common: they are all full-time technical translators with a sound and specialised education (university degree/diploma). This means that we have access to a wide range of expert knowledge, which ultimately leads to an optimal translation result. We process all translation projects according to our own strict quality standards.

Quality promise

We ensure that the translation process is transparent for you. We manage the process in such a way that you can be informed about the order status of your translation at any time, even for complex projects.

The close interaction between client and translation service provider guarantees you comprehensive customer care and the optimum translation result. Your advantage: You always have a personal contact person.

No matter which areas are involved. The result is always technically sound and precise translations. At the same time, we do not forget that it is also important to maintain an appropriate relationship between price and service. To achieve this, we work competently, quickly, reliably and in a customer-oriented manner in and from around 50 languages.

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