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Übersetzernetzwerk Rostock is the first port of call for private and corporate clients when it comes to certified translations or specialist translations. With our more than 350 specialist translators and publicly appointed and sworn document translators, we offer our customers the best translations from experts at a fair price every day.

The right choice for every need: certified translation / technical translation / proofreading

How you are perceived by customers, the competition, employees, employers, business partners or service providers depends to a large extent on your appearance. And not just on your personal appearance itself, but on what interested people read about you. It doesn't matter whether it's on your website, in your letter of application or in your daily office routine when writing e-mails in a foreign language. We'll tell you straight away: you can't convince anyone of your merits with poor translations. We make sure that you have your head free for other things – let us perfect your linguistic appearance.

Certified translation

Deeds, documents, certificates, driving licences, civil status certificates, judgments, diplomas and much more often need to be translated in a way that is legally secure and suitable for use in court and by the authorities. We can provide you with exactly this certified translation for your dealings with the authorities, the university, the registry office or the court.

Technical translations

We are the right partner for the translation of articles in trade journals, patent specifications, legal texts, websites and webshops, IT documents, instructions for use, brochures and advertising texts. You can count on your texts being professionally translated by a specialist translator into his or her native language. This way, your texts will read naturally to your customers and business partners outside Germany.

Business documents & Contracts

Especially when dealing with business customers, it is not only the first impression that is decisive, but also that texts are formulated precisely and without ambiguity. So that no misunderstandings occur in business life in the first place. This is particularly important in the case of texts to be translated - the meaning of the text must be transferred into the target language and, if necessary, the cultural customs and peculiarities of the target country must be taken into account. Many of our specialist translators have additional legal training and are familiar with the requirements of international business and legal transactions. This means that you can be sure that your sensitive documents in particular will be translated flawlessly.

Travel documents

In times of Corona, travelling has become even more complicated than it already was in some cases. The authorities want to see all kinds of documents on vaccination status, convalescent status, medical certificates or other medical documents before or when entering your destination country. We can gladly do the corresponding certified translations for you, so that you can relax and enjoy your holiday and leave Corona behind for a few weeks.

Das Übersetzernetzwerk in Rostock is your partner for:

  • ✓ Officially recognised translations
  • ✓ Certified translations
  • ✓ Translations of business documents
  • ✓ Translations of IT documents
  • ✓ Legal translations
  • ✓ Translations of business texts
  • ✓ Technical translations
  • ✓ Translation of websites and webshops
  • ✓ Medical translations (certificates, specialist texts, ...)
  • ✓ and much more ...

The Hanseatic and university city of Rostock is the largest city in Mecklenburg-Vorpommern in terms of population. It lies on both sides of the Warnow River, which flows directly into the Baltic Sea near Rostock. For a long time Rostock was an important location for shipbuilding; today the city lives very much from tourism and the service industry. The largest employer is now the University of Rostock.

Particularly worth seeing is the closed historical city centre, which is dominated above all by brick Gothic buildings from the times of the Hanseatic League.

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