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Westerwald translation agency

The translation agency "Das Übersetzernetwzerk Westerwald" translates for businesses and consumers from the area of Altenkirchen, Betzdorf, Westerburg, Bad Marienberg, Hachenburg, etc. into and out of around 50 languages and in a variety of fields.

Our more than 350 qualified translators, technical translators and publicly appointed and sworn translator only work on texts that fall within the relevant subject area and therefore we offer precise translations of your text.

For our customers from the Westerwald area we work, among other, in the fields of:

Technical translation

operating instructions, safety data sheets, manuals etc.

Legal translations

work contracts, terms and conditions of business, court judgements, certificates etc.

Certified translations

university entrance certificates, diplomas, marriage certificates etc.

Website translation

website for international corporate identity on the web

IT and software translation

user manuals, applications, apps etc.

Medical translations

health care, medical reports, doctor's reports, certificates etc.

Translations for individuals

correspondence etc.

Das Übersetzernetzwerk Westerwald

  • Technical translation
  • Legal translations
  • Certified translations
  • Website translation
  • IT and software translation
  • Medical translations
  • Translations for individuals

The Westerwald region

The Westerwald is now home to many small and medium-sized enterprises that operate both nationally and internationally. The region between the rivers Sieg, Rhein, Dill, Lahn and Heller has managed the transition to a modern commercial and industrial centre from originally being an agricultural and craft-based area. Nevertheless, crafts and traditions are upheld in the region. In a journey through the idyllic villages and towns one is confronted with words such as “Düppedrädsch”, “Stickl”, “Riwwesjer” or “Ärrgääß” as well as radio frequency products, centralized control units, bottom gusseted bag or spring clip.

Tourism plays an increasingly important role in the Westerwald region. Since 2008, the Westerwaldsteig attracts numerous hikers from near and far. But also sights such as castles, mines and caves lure local tourists in ever greater numbers. Due to the rural location the Westerwald, next to the Sauerland, is a popular destination for winter sports enthusiasts from the surrounding big cities such as Cologne and Dusseldorf.

Das Übersetzernetzwerk Westerwald

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