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The translation agency in Berlin provides private and corporate clients with specialised translations, certified translations at reasonable prices and in accordance with strict quality guidelines.

In Das Übersetzernetzwerk Berlin, we work together with more than 350 carefully selected and tested specialised and publicly appointed and sworn translators for official document translations (some are sworn at the Berlin courts and other German courts and thus authorized to make certified translations) and all of whom have been tested according to our quality guidelines and hold a degree in interpreting/translation and a university degree in the fields of law, medicine or engineering; they are specialists who have cooperated with us for years.

Certified translations

certificate of good conduct, driver's license, birth certificate, marriage certificate, etc.

Legal translations

company contracts, rental contracts, works contracts, complaints, expertise reports, proposals etc.

Business translations

balance sheets, annual reports, management reports, tax documents, quarterly reports, etc.

Technical translations

building construction, civil engineering, automation, electrical engineering, communications technology, etc.

Translation of websites

corporate websites, websites for colleges, hospitals, doctors, law firms, retail etc.

IT translations

software, hardware, system, manuals, etc.

Prices in the Berlin translation agency

Both price and time to complete a translation cannot be provided as a flat-rate price without having seen the text. Please send us your text by email to: berlin@uebersetzernetzwerk.net and we will prepare a free quote.

In general, the price of a translation is calculated using the following criteria: Language combination, subject, format, layout, delivery date.

You can also request on-line your translation quote. Fast, free and without obligation.

Das Übersetzernetzwerk Berlin

  • Certified translations
  • Legal translations
  • Business translations
  • Technical translations
  • Translation of websites
  • IT translations
  • Medical translations

All specialised translations in the translation agency in Berlin are done according to strict quality guidelines. We only use qualified specialised translators who always translate into their native language. In addition, all translations are carried out only by those specialist translators, who have expert knowledge of the required field.

In addition, data security is guaranteed by us. We have our own servers available on the premises of Das Übersetzernetzwerk, used, operated and maintained exclusively by ourselves. If you want to submit sensitive data to us, please get in contact with us.

Das Übersetzernetzwerk Berlin

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