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Das Übersetzernetzwerk Frankfurt is committed to a single goal: Always produce the best possible, consistent translation of a text from the source to the target language. In addition to high-quality translations, you also receive perfect and transparent service from the time of placing the order to the finished product and its delivery.

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Our portfolio includes technical translations and certified translations for some 50 languages. More than 350 translators work for us worldwide. The specialist translators and publicly appointed and sworn official document translators at the Frankfurt translation agency work exclusively into their native language, have years of professional experience and a university degree (as interpreters, translators, etc.) Thus, they have the required background to take into account the socio-cultural and linguistic characteristics of their country and the personal style of speech.
Add to this the required expertise and industry knowledge to complete your translation project. Whoever translates for us has been through our internal selection process under stringent quality criteria. In addition, continuous monitoring via the internal quality management system guarantees consistently high quality. However, the best quality control is still the positive feedback of our customers.

Legal translations

A legal translation or legal text translation is often required by companies, public institutions, authorities, courts and private customers. In Das Übersetzernetzwerk Frankfurt this specialist type of text is translated exclusively by professional translators who specialise in the field of "legal translations". Have your judgements, reports, contracts, agreements, etc. translated by professional translators.

Certified translations

The publicly appointed and court-sworn official document translators in the Frankfurt translation agency (and throughout Germany) translate and certify for consumers, businesses and government documents and certificates such as official certificates, judgements, contracts, commercial register excerpts, certificates of good conduct, etc. If you need a certified translation for official purposes (court, office, notary, university etc.) the expert official document translator in Das Übersetzernetzwerk Frankfurt is at your service.

Translations in the field of business/finance

The field of financial translation is important especially for the banking capital Frankfurt. What plays an important role for the quality of the translation is not only extraordinary knowledge of specialised terminology but also attentive tracking of the latest developments in the field of banking, finance and the stock market. Frequently clients need specialised translations for market reports, budgets, logistics documents, sales announcements, quarterly and annual reports, etc.

Technical translations

In the field of technical translation, our highly qualified technical translators cover numerous areas of expertise and translate trial reports, manuals, patents, product descriptions, manuals, etc. With advanced TM systems, the customer can know that predefined terminology requirements are incorporated.

Apostille / Legalisation

We are happy to assist you with all matters revolving around The Hague Apostille, Legalisation and the like. Depending on the target country you might be asked to have the entire document finally legalised by Bundesverwaltungsamt Köln to match the requirements.

More translations

We are happy work for you in the fields of IT, software, website translation, medical translations and many more. Just send us the text to be translated to: frankfurt@uebersetzernetzwerk.net or make use of our upload form.

The Frankfurt translation office:

  • Legal translations
  • Certified translation birth certificate
  • Certified translation naturalization
  • Certified translation marriage certificate
  • Certified translation divorce
  • Certified translation deed poll
  • Certified translation high school
  • Certified translation driver's license
  • Certified translation of no impediment
  • Certified translation clearance certificate
  • Technical translations
  • Translations in the field of business/finance
  • Certified translations for domestic use
  • More translations

Frankfurt am Main

Frankfurt is Germany's business and financial centre par excellence. Located in the state of Hesse, Frankfurt is also its largest city - but it is not the capital of Hesse. That is Wiesbaden.

Frankfurt is located on the Main River and is Germany's transportation centre with highways, DB long-distance traffic and Frankfurt Airport. Both the German Stock Exchange and the European Central Bank are based in Frankfurt. The city is also home to some of the world's most important trade fairs: Frankfurt Book Fair, automobile exhibition and many more.

It can be said that Frankfurt is a city of contrasts: some of Europe's tallest and most modern skyscrapers stand alongside Wilhelminian-style old buildings and post-war post-modern architecture. Recently, part of the beautiful old town of Frankfurt, which was completely destroyed during the WWII, has also been rebuilt. Frankfurt's inner city, especially the Römer, attracts countless tourists and residents of the surrounding communities every year.

In Germany, Frankfurt is the most diverse city: about 28% of Frankfurters have a passport from another country and another 20% are naturalised Frankfurters from other countries. Multilingualism is as much a part of Frankfurt as bämbel and geripptes, bull and bear, äpplwoi and green sauce.

Das Übersetzernetzwerk Frankfurt is proud to be part of this melting-pot metropolis. Our translation agency in Frankfurt will quickly provide you with a non-binding quote for your translation free of charge.

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