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Our international team of specialist translators and sworn court translators works in around 50 languages and all major subject areas.

We are leaders in the field of legal text translations and certified translations (for official, official use by authorities, courts, offices, universities, employers, etc.). Our translators have both university degrees in translation/technical translation and, in many cases, additional qualifications. For example, they are fully qualified lawyers and take care of the correct and legally compliant translation of contracts, agreements, court rulings, general terms and conditions and much more. We combine the best of both worlds!

Certified translations and specialist translations for over 20 years

For more than 20 years now, we have been working in the D-A-CH region and beyond for private and corporate clients, public authorities, offices, courts and notaries. Our more than 350 translators work into and from around 50 languages.

With us, you have the advantage of only needing one contact person to have the whole world of languages at your disposal. In addition, take advantage of the favourable € <> CHF exchange rate, the low prices and the invoice without VAT: let us take care of your translations, specialist translations and certified translations.

How expensive is a translation?

The price of a translation depends on various factors: Text volume, text type, subject matter, urgency, format, etc. Unfortunately, we cannot give you a binding price over the phone. However, we will be happy to provide you with a free and non-binding quote. Just send us an email or fill out the form.

How long does a translation take?

The duration of a translation depends - like the price - on the volume of the text to be translated. On average, a good translator manages 3,000 words / day. But of course we state both the cost of the translation and the duration of the work in our quotation. Just ask us.

How do I pay for my translation?

The most common method of payment is bank transfer. However, you can also pay by PayPal. Please inform us when you request a quote if you would like to pay by PayPal.

What is the quality guarantee?

We have been working successfully with private clients, authorities, courts, notaries, small and medium-sized companies and large corporations for over 20 years. In addition, all of our specialist translators have a university degree in translation/interpreting and, in many cases, a second degree (fully qualified lawyer, medical doctor, engineer, etc.) and are therefore perfectly suited for use in the respective specialist field.