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Certified translation

Job references, school reports, certificates, diplomas, school-leaving certificates, state examinations, driving licences, divorce certificates, birth certificates, name changes, proof of residence, no objection certificates, etc.

Legal translations

Contracts, general terms and conditions, injunctions, court judgment, custody judgment, custody declaration, Companies House, commercial register, operating agreement, agreement, solicitor's letter, legal remedy, employment law, inheritance law, EU law, family law, cartel law, international business law, procedural law, tax law, civil law etc.

Website translation

Company websites, homepages, websites of public institutions such as hospitals, websites of universities, technical colleges, dual universities, websites of educational institutions, webshops etc.

Technical translations

green energy, maintenance instructions, assembly instructions, automation / robotics, biotechnology, electrical engineering, aircraft construction, aviation, general aviation, automotive engineering, power plant engineering, shipbuilding, aircraft construction, operating instructions etc.

Medical translations

Doctor's letters, findings, medical technology, alternative medicine, medical certificate, gerontology, radiology, neurology, oncology, OP report, psychology, physiology, psychiatry, sports medicine, dentistry etc.

IT translations

Software, user manuals, software localisation, software documentation, FAQ, helpdesk, etc.

Translations from the field of insurance

Forms, statutes, damage reports, policies, reports, witness statements, invoices, garage bill, hospital bill, doctor's bill, accident report, customs, inspection report, surveyor, etc.

The first choice for translations in Hamburg

The Hamburg translation agency works for private and corporate clients from Hamburg and the surrounding area in and from around 50 languages. Our translators in Hamburg are part of the worldwide network of translators that unites more than 350 graduate translators, specialist translators and publicly appointed and sworn translators.

The translation agency in Hamburg - for private and corporate clients

Our Hamburg translation agency is part of the worldwide Übersetzernetzwerk (translator network) and has more than 350 graduate translators, specialist translators and publicly appointed and sworn translators (for document translations etc.).

We work for our customers in and around Hamburg in 50 languages and a wide range of specialist fields. We have been successfully operating as an international translation agency for private and corporate clients for over 20 years. During this time, we have been able to make a name for ourselves as a reliable and binding, modern and dynamic, experienced and expert translation agency in Hamburg.

Our translators offer you a unique price-performance ratio

Since the foundation of our translation agency in Hamburg, we have placed particular emphasis on customer satisfaction. The specialist translators at Übersetzernetzwerk Hamburg translate exclusively into their respective mother tongue and only work on texts that also fall within the translator's respective area of expertise. The assurance of consistently high quality is carried out according to our very own strict quality assurance system. For example, every translation we produce is checked by a second specialist translator before we deliver the finished translation. For all translation projects, we form our own teams of specialist translators in the relevant field who, as mentioned at the beginning, are native speakers of the target language.

Translating success – with ❤ from Hamburg to the world

Don't settle for little. The experts at Übersetzwernetzwerk Hamburg will help you successfully conquer the world from Hamburg. Sounds pathetic – but it's quite practical. Let's say you distribute a product. It's a big seller here in the German-speaking world and has the potential for more? So with your German website you reach around 105 million German-speaking customers. If you entrust us with the translation of your website into English, you will reach around 360 million additional customers with just one language. If that's not enough for you, you could bring your product closer to another 295 million users with a translation into Arabic. So, you think that's already something? Then let us translate the website with your product into Spanish. Wow - and that's another 523 million potential customers whose native language is Spanish. "That's amazing!" you think now? But that was only the silver medal. Spanish opens up new markets for you in Spain, Peru, Colombia, Mexico etc. but: Attention, here comes the "bazooka": if you want to reach about half of the worldwide online market with your product, then let us translate your website into Chinese. That will bring you 1.3 billion potential new customers in one go.

Das Übersetzernetzwerk Hamburg

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  • Contract translation
  • Legal translation
  • Certified translations
  • Technical translations
  • Medical translations
  • Website translation
  • IT translations
  • Insurance translations
  • Certified translation A-levels
  • Certified translation Bachelor
  • Certified translation Clearance Certificate
  • Certified Translation Diploma
  • Sworn Translation Marriage Certificate
  • Sworn Translation Naturalisation
  • Sworn Translation Driving Licence
  • Sworn Translation Birth Certificate
  • Sworn translation marriage certificate
  • Certified translation proof of identity
  • Sworn Translation Annual Report Card
  • Sworn translation health insurance
  • Sworn Translation Civil Partnership
  • Sworn Translation Master
  • Certified Translation Settlement Permit
  • Sworn translation O-Levels
  • Sworn Translation Doctorate
  • Sworn Translation Qualification
  • Sworn Translation Legal Appeal
  • Sworn Translation Death Certificate
  • Sworn Translation Transcript
  • Sworn translation of documents
  • Sworn Translation Contract
  • Sworn Translation Further Education
  • Certified Translation Certificate


Hamburg is located in the north of Germany on the Elbe and North Sea and has a large harbour connecting waterways and hundreds of canals. Hamburg has more bridges than Amsterdam and Venice combined. All this adds up to a bustling city with plenty of maritime charm.
Today, Hamburg is the Mecca of German media and its publishing houses make it one of the richest cities in Germany. Hamburg is also known for elegant shopping, world-famous museums and a nightlife on the Reeperbahn that is unique, at least within Germany (sorry Berlin...).
Hamburg is one of the must-visit cities in Germany with plenty to do for the whole family.

What is there to see in Hamburg?

There are more than a few things to see and do in Hamburg, if we're honest. Übersetzernetzwerk Hamburg highly recommends:

- Hamburg Harbour: The port, which is over 800 years old, is one of the largest ports in the world. Take the ferry, which is included in the day ticket price for public transport, and take a harbour tour or stroll through the popular HafenCity, discover the Speicherstadt and spend time in the great shopping and gastronomy.
- Hamburg Fish Market: Another historic, lively attraction is the fish market, which is over 300 years old. Come early to shop, or come here to eat after a long night out. Fresh fish direct from the traders - this attracts around 70,000 visitors to the Elbe every Sunday!
- St. Michaelis Church: or the "Hamburg Michel" is a baroque church that dominates the city skyline and you should definitely climb its tower: great view!
- Hamburger Kunsthalle: an incredibly impressive art collection is housed in this, the largest museum in the country.
- Planten un Blomen: Hamburg's botanical garden with the largest Japanese garden in Europe. And famous far beyond the borders of Hamburg.

Hamburg nightlife

The city never goes to sleep after dark. Hamburg is the city where the Beatles first rose to fame, there are a seemingly endless number of bars and clubs. And then there is the Reeperbahn. It is one of the biggest red light districts in Europe and your name is a brand!
Explore Hamburg's top bars, restaurants, theatres, sex shops, erotic museums and strip clubs at any time of day, but also visit at night for the full neon experience. And although you'll need to watch your belongings, the area is generally quite safe.

Eating in Hamburg

Hamburg is famous for all things edible from the sea: fresh catch from the North Sea arrives at the harbour daily. For fine dining, visit the Rive restaurant, which offers excellent seafood and impressive views of the harbour. When it comes to top gastronomy, Hamburg boasts 11 Michelin-starred restaurants! The Table in HafenCity has 3 Michelin stars. The newest 2-star restaurant is also in HafenCity: bianc with chef Matteo Ferrantinohat.
For an inexpensive snack on the go, head over to the main pier at Landungsbrücken, where you can get fresh and inexpensive fish sandwiches.

Das Übersetzernetzwerk Hamburg

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Certified translation

Deeds, certificates, marriage, birth and divorce documents as well as numerous other official documents often not only need to be translated, but also certified so that they are legally valid in courts, offices or authorities. This certified translation may only be carried out by a 'publicly appointed and sworn' translator. Almost all translators in our network fulfil this requirement.

Do you need a certified translation of your school leaving certificate, certificate of good conduct, Bachelor's degree certificate or Master's degree certificate into English, for example? Do you need to submit certified translations to the university, an office or your employer for the recognition of degrees obtained abroad? Or do you need a certified translation of your driving licence, marriage certificate, birth certificate or divorce decree? Then please contact us – we will provide you with a free quote for the certified translation of your documents.

Technical translation

In the field of specialised translations, the translator must possess both the linguistic skills and the specialised knowledge of the respective field. Within the framework of our network, we work exclusively with specialist translators who have a university degree as a graduate translator, graduate language mediator, B.A. or M.A. in Specialised Translation or similar and who can also look back on many years of professional experience as specialist translators.

Do you need the specialist translation of a contract, an agreement, a non-disclosure agreement, a study or technical documents (operating instructions / software manual / safety data sheet etc.) ? Do you have a PowerPoint presentation that you would like translated? Would you like to have the contents of your website translated or do you require the translation of other specialist texts (legal specialist translation / medical specialist translation / technical specialist translation etc.) – then please feel free to contact us. We will provide you with a free quote for your specialist translation.


Do you have a text that you would like to have checked for accuracy by professionals?

Editing, i.e. proofreading, is a task that we have carried out by native speakers of the respective language. In this way, the perfect quality of the text can be ensured - of course also for translations that we have not done ourselves. For this purpose, the proofreader is then in close contact with you or the author of the text.

We check your publications, your website texts, your papers, your texts in our proofreading department for linguistic correctness. Please feel free to send us the text to be proofread so that we can provide you with a free offer for the proofreading.

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