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The translation agency Düsseldorf offers professional translations and certified translations to private and corporate clients

We offer our customers the highest quality, reliable delivery and adherence to deadlines at reasonable prices and according to strict quality guidelines.

In Düsseldorf the number one* for certified translations and specialist translations

A professional technical translation or a certified translation can only be carried out by a qualified and experienced translator. In the Düsseldorf translation agency, we now have access to over 350 specialist translators, certified translators and sworn translators of documents in the "Übersetzernetzwerk" (translator's network).

Some of our translators are sworn in by the Düsseldorf Higher Regional Court and can produce certified translations (not only for the Düsseldorf area).

The professional title "translator" is not protected by law in Germany. Therefore, anyone can call themselves a "translator". If you want to be sure that you are entrusting your text to a real professional, look out for academic degrees such as: Diplom-Übersetzer, M.A. Fachübersetzer or Diplom-Sprachmittler. This guarantees that the translator has successfully completed a university degree in the field of translation/specialist translation/multilingual communication.

In addition, you can ask whether a judicial swearing-in has taken place and whether your text is being edited by a "publicly appointed and judicially sworn/sworn" document translator.

If you follow these simple guidelines, you will be able to sift out the numerous unsuitable hobby translators who present themselves unhindered on the Internet right from the start ... or you can simply contact us! We only employ graduate translators, technical translators and sworn translators of documents. Often with a second academic degree either as a fully qualified lawyer, engineer, doctor, etc.

Certified translations

Official documents, certificates, certificate of good conduct, school leaving certificate, birth certificate, driving licence, naturalisation, semester abroad, divorce, marriage certificate etc.

Legal translations

Legal texts, contractual texts, agreements, general terms and conditions, confidentiality agreements, operating agreements, rental agreements, lease agreements, model agreements, licence agreements, Companies House documents, etc.

Technical translations

Technical test reports, instructions for use, work instructions, manuals, etc.

Website translation

Internet pages for trade, commerce, industry, hotels etc.

Technical translations economy

Management, reporting, import, export, customs, human resources, etc.

Technical translations IT/software

EDP, hardware, manuals, databases, etc.


Scientific publications, theses, dissertations, etc.

Technical translations medicine

also medical technology, pharmaceuticals, psychology, veterinary medicine, clinical trials, etc.

Figures and statistics on the translation agency in Düsseldorf

"*In Düsseldorf, the number one for certified translations and specialist translations".

...well, that's what we think of ourselves quite modestly.
But in the meantime, since the founding of our network, we have been able to successfully complete translation projects in a wide range of specialist areas from
waste management
certified translations

The Düsseldorf translation agency in figures:
We have been around for 20 years and have meanwhile provided translations and certified translations for around
20,000 private
and corporate clients.
Roughly speaking, we have translated
translated 28,473,869 words
Our 350 specialist translators have done this in around
188 different language directions
and language combinations.
Extrapolating, in the Düsseldorf translation office alone, during this time
21,500 caffeinated hot drinks
from the
4 reliable coffee machines
were conjured and consumed.
Three of them
are already at the big Manitou...
And exactly
0 marriages broke up
- on the contrary! In the whole time there have been
35 marriages
of members of our translator network.

But now back to the topic: translations! It sounds exaggerated, but "translations are a matter of trust" and the supposed bargain at the cheap internet translation agency, which offers all world languages and rare dialects and all specialist areas, is quickly overshadowed by the stale aftertaste of a bad and thus unusable 0815 translation, which was neither produced in accordance with the specialist text type nor adapted to the target group or aligned with your internal wording.

The translation agency Düsseldorf

The translators for Düsseldorf:

  • Certified translations
  • Certified translation University entrance qualification
  • Certified translation of doctor's letter
  • Certified translation sick note
  • Certified translation death certificate
  • Sworn translation Bachelor
  • Sworn translation PhD
  • Sworn Translation Doctorate
  • Legal translations
  • Contract Translation
  • Legal Translation
  • Translation agency contract
  • Translation agency for legally binding translations
  • Translate contract text
  • Specialist translation of rental contract
  • Legal translation contract
  • Technical translations
  • Website translation
  • Technical translations economy
  • Technical translations IT/software
  • Proofreading
  • Technical translations medicine
  • Translator Arabic German Düsseldorf

What does a translation cost?
A flat rate for a certified translation or specialist translation only exists in very few cases. To calculate the translation costs, we have to see, analyse and count each text in advance. For this reason, we always require the text to be translated either by e-mail to: duesseldorf@uebersetzernetzwerk.net or by online form.

The cost of a translation depends on several factors: volume (number of words), subject area, format, layout and delivery time.

You will receive a free and non-binding offer from us!

Please note: as an online agency, we handle all projects online or by post. We do not make on-site appointments!

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