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Do you need an official certified translation or specialist translation?

Then you have come to the right place. The Bremen translation agency offers qualified translations, specialist translations and certified translations for private customers, business customers, authorities, offices, courts and the public sector. We also work for associations, churches, universities, colleges and educational institutions.

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The all-round carefree translation service: at the Bremen translation agency, our network of over 350 specialist translators and sworn / certified document translators is at your disposal for the translation of your documents.

Our qualified translators transfer your texts professionally and conscientiously into the desired target languages. We offer translations into and from around 50 languages as well as numerous specialist areas.

Technical translations

Automotive, shipbuilding, aircraft construction, operating instructions, manuals etc.

Website translation

Multilingual websites, search engine optimisation, website texts, shops, blogs etc.

Legal translations

Contracts, GTC, legal texts, agreements, terms of delivery, etc.

Certified translations by sworn translators

all types of deeds, documents, diplomas, certificates, some translators are sworn in at the Bremen Regional Court or another Regional Court or Higher Regional Court, etc.

Technical translations economy

Company reports, banks, stock exchange, tax consultancy, auditing etc.

Technical translations medicine

Occupational medicine, medical technology, dentistry, psychology, etc.

Technical translations IT / Software

Manuals, apps, IT, telecommunications etc.

Only native speakers translate here - and only studied graduate translators and specialist translators.

What makes the Bremen translators so special?
At the Bremen translation agency, we place great value on a binding, trusting and good relationship with our customers. We want you to know that you can rely on us. Translations are a matter of trust.

What is the native speaker principle?

Our self-image as qualified translators presupposes that every translation is only done into the respective native language. After all, a successful translation is always the result of native-speaker competence.
A flawless and appealing translation that fulfils its purpose in the target language in the same way as the source text in the source language can only be produced by a specialist translator who works in his or her designated specialist field into the native language and, of course, has a perfect command of the foreign language.

Certified translations by publicly appointed and sworn translators in Bremen

What is a "certified translation"?
A certified translation is the legally effective, officially recognised translation of a document that is valid with courts, offices and authorities. A certified translation from Übersetzwernetzwerk Bremen can be used both domestically and worldwide. An apostille or legalisation may be applied for use abroad.

Who may certify a translation?

A translation may only be certified by a "publicly appointed and sworn translator". Notaries are not allowed to certify translations. A notary public may certify photocopies, etc.

What does a certified translation cost?

The price for a certified translation cannot be given as a lump sum. However, our translation agency in Bremen offers a free and non-binding quotation service. Send your document to bremen@uebersetzernetzwerk.net and we will reply with exact details of the cost and duration of your translation.

When does a translation need to be certified?

As soon as you want to use your translation for an official purpose, it has to be a certified translation: for example, in the case of marriage, birth, divorce, etc.
Certified translations are also required for notaries, court hearings, for applying to an employer, for setting up a company, for studying abroad (certified translation of school-leaving certificate), for police investigations and much more.

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Bremen is the capital of the federal state of the same name, has a population of just under 550,000, is located on the Weser and was founded in 947 as a "two-city state" - but Bremen's history goes back much further. Bremen was first mentioned in a document in 782. Famous for Bremen are, of course, the Bremen Town Musicians, the Town Hall and the Bremen Roland.

Over 30,000 students live in Bremen and study at one of the 10 universities (Jacobs University Bremen, University of Bremen, HIWL Bremen etc.).

A few facts and figures about Bremen:
- Size: 404 square kilometres
- Districts: 23
- Town twinning: 8
- Length of cycling network: 560 km
- Members SV Werder Bremen: 40,376
- Landmark Roland: 5.47 m high
- GDP: 34.29 billion euros

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