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Since 2020, Übersetzernetzwerk is now also represented in Ulm. Übersetzernetzwerk has been offering translation services of all kinds and in many languages in various cities in Germany for over 20 years.

Do you need certified translations for German authorities or official bodies abroad? Then we are the right contact for you. We offer fast and reliable certified translations from and into many different languages. If you have a specific request, please contact us and we will be happy to help you.

Do you need specialist translations in a professional or university context? Then you have come to the right place. Our network includes many translation specialists from a wide range of fields, such as medicine, law, mechanical engineering or technology, aviation, finance and many more. Due to the high qualification of our translators, you can be sure that your translation will be technically correct and that the correct terminology will be used in the target texts.

We strictly apply the native speaker principle for all translations. Each translator translates into his/her respective mother tongue. This principle enables us to guarantee the consistently high quality of our texts.

In addition to classic translation services, we also offer proofreading of your texts, for example before publication in print media or similar. Our experts ensure that your texts go to print error-free.

The services of Übersetzernetzwerk Ulm at a glance:

‣ Officially recognised translations

‣ Technical translations

‣ Private clients

‣ Business customers

‣ Native speakers

The translation agency in Ulm offers private and business customers, students, pupils, universities, colleges, authorities, courts and offices always high-quality technical translations and certified translations through its meanwhile more than 350 graduate translators, publicly appointed and court-certified document translators and technical translators for:

Sworn translations in Ulm

We translate all the documents you need to go to the authorities, such as birth and death certificates, marriage certificates, school-leaving and graduation certificates, university certificates, transcripts from registers, certificates of good conduct and much more.

Legal specialist translations

Do you need translations of legal documents in a business or private context? We have translators specialised in legal texts who can professionally translate your documents from/to other languages. In this way, we can provide you with competent support in a wide range of matters, such as legal disputes, international contracting, expert witness proceedings, insurance cases and many other topics.

Private clients in Ulm

The translation agency 'Das Übersetzernetzwerk' translates all types of documents for private clients: Job applications, references, university certificates (bachelor, master, doctorate), naturalisation, citizenship, civil status, civil documents and many more.

Technical translations

You are an internationally active company and require the translation of technical documents into different target languages? - Then you've come to the right place: we take care of coordinating the translations into the different languages. You simply provide us with the documents online and name the target languages, and we will take care of the rest! We offer this service for, among other things: Operating instructions, manuals, safety data sheets, declarations of conformity, but also other technical business documents such as business correspondence, PowerPoint presentations, etc.

Website translation

Especially when translating websites, the first impression is crucial. Linguistic and cultural subtleties must be taken into account when translating texts into other languages, otherwise the text will read unnaturally to the native speaker. Since our translators always translate into their native language, you get the best possible result. We can help you with translations of websites and webshops into English, Russian, Spanish and over 50 other languages!


We proofread all your texts - for publications, correspondence, application letters, theses and academic texts, ... And in a wide range of languages.

Corporate clients in Ulm

In times of globalisation and increasing internationalisation, the translator network helps corporate clients to present themselves to the world accordingly and to be perceived by customers and business partners from all over the world. We translate all types of business documents for internal and external use. On request, also with certification if you need documents for authorities at home and abroad.

Now in Ulm: certified translations and specialist translations

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The city of Ulm is a regional centre on the northern edge of the Alpine foothills, located directly on the Danube. Ulm is particularly famous for the Ulm Cathedral, a Gothic church that has the highest church tower in the world at around 162 metres. A visit to the Fischerviertel (fishermen's quarter), which lies directly on the Danube, is also worthwhile. It is known for its narrow streets and beautiful half-timbered houses.

Ulm is also an important economic centre and the location of many companies. With the University of Ulm, Ulm is also considered a city of science.

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