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The specialist translators and court-certified (and authorised) document translators of Übersetzernetzwerk Essen offer private and corporate clients from all over Essen, the Ruhr region, North Rhine-Westphalia and the whole of Germany specialist translations in the fields of law, technology and business as well as certified translations of certificates, diplomas, deeds and court documents in around 50 languages. Our certified translations, prepared according to the specifications of the regional courts, are for use at the office, authority, court, notary, university, driving licence office or university.

Specialist translations and certified translations only from professionals: Trust is the basis

Yes, it's true: when you think about it, translations are absolutely a matter of trust. We often gain highly personal insights into the past, present or future of our translation clients. How good it is that we are sworn to secrecy by the district court! You will notice that in the Essen translation agency, as well as in the entire area of the Übersetzernetzwerk, we attach the highest importance to "data protection" and "protection of privacy". For this reason, we operate our own highly protected e-mail server and a secure data exchange server directly on our premises. When you send us something, it is guaranteed that it will not be temporarily stored on some cloud in some country - but only and exclusively on our server in our office.

Your advantages at the Essen translation agency: one-stop service

Whether you come to Essen Translation Agency as a corporate client, private client, student, public institution, court, notary or university: our processes are organised in accordance with ISO 9001 and 17100, we have over 20 years of experience in the field of translations, specialist translations and certified translations, we offer an absolutely professional, thorough, fast and personal service and, as a special feature, also at an excellent price-performance ratio! Our translators and project managers have a university degree in the field of interpreting/translation/linguistics (or law, mechanical engineering, medicine, etc.), all technical translators and sworn document translators work exclusively in the designated specialist field, we always translate according to the dual control principle and, as already mentioned at the beginning, we attach great importance to the secure and confidential handling of your personal data. The Essen translation agency now offers over 50 languages - become a fan too! We make it easy for you.

Certified translation

The Essen translation agency is your first choice for certified translations, official translations, etc. of certificates, deeds, judgments, papers, citizenship documents, marriage certificates, marriage contracts, driving licences and much more, which need to be officially certified translated for legally valid use.

Legal translation

At the Essen translation agency, we mainly work on legal texts such as general terms and conditions, contracts, agreements, wills, NDAs, articles of association, etc. from the fields of civil law, public law, criminal law, tax law, etc.

Website translation

At the translation agency in Essen, we help you open up new markets by professionally translating your website texts into one or more of the approximately 50 languages we offer. The translation agency in Essen also takes care of your SEO and keyword translation. We also take care of your metadata, title tags and alt tags. Of course, you can also entrust us with your SEA (search engine advertising) texts.

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The city of Essen is located in the federal state of North Rhine-Westphalia and belongs to the administrative district of Düsseldorf as the district-free city of Essen. Essen is located on the Ruhr and not far from Bochum, Duisburg, Düsseldorf and Cologne. Within the Ruhr region, Essen is the largest city with a population of around 590,000. In total, the city is divided into 9 districts

  • District I (Stadtmitte/Frillendorf/Huttrop)
  • District II (Rüttenscheid/Bergerhausen/Rellinghausen/Stadtwald)
  • District III (Essen-West)
  • District IV (Borbeck)
  • District V (Altenessen/Karnap/Vogelheim)
  • District VI (Katernberg/Schonnebeck/Stoppenberg)
  • District VII (Steele/Kray)
  • District VIII (Ruhr peninsula)
  • District IX (Werden/Kettwig/Bredeney)

Probably the most famous Esseners are the members of the Krupp family of industrialists, whose family estate Villa Hügel still attracts countless interested visitors today. However, the "Krupp and coal city" no longer exists in the form it once did. Essen has made the transition from a coal-mining area and coal and steel industry to a modern administrative city with trade and services. 8 of the 100 German companies with the highest turnover are based in Essen.

Das Übersetzernetzwerk Essen

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