Übersetzen & dolmetschen studieren

Study translation - where can I undertake studies?

There are severaluniversities in Germany, where the study programme Translation/Interpretationis offered.
However, each university offers different variations, startingwith the very different language options, to interesting minor subjects likecomputational linguistics or translation science.

Here personal taste decides which university you find attractive.Common to all, however, is that you not only have to be good in languages - youneed to specialize during your studies and in different specialist areas. Thismeans you need a penchant for legal, technical and economic issues!
Reputable universities for studying interpreting and translationin Germany are particularly the faculties of theUniversity of Heidelberg ,the Fachhochschule Köln and the FASK Universität Mainz/Germesheim. As “Diplom”- courses for translators and interpretersare being phased out in the meantime, students can enrol for a BA programme.

If you care more for literary translation, for example, the Universityin Dusseldorf has a suitable degree programme. Basically atranslator - and of course an interpreter - must be a curious person by nature.

Many professionaltranslators and interpreters already read over breakfast at least one newspaperfrom each country of the languages they work in. In this way you are not onlyalways up to date in terms of political and social developments in thedifferent countries, but they keep pacewith the linguistic development of the language.