Secure data exchange with Das Übersetzernetzwerk using SSL encryption on our own server

Usually emails are a universal means of communication. Normally emails can easily transfer data in the order of about 10 MB. Larger amounts of data are often not allowed by the administrators of mail servers in order to prevent so-called "Denial of Service" (DoS) attacks. This results in the mail server being bombarded with very large data packets, will eventually overload it and the server goes offline. Through capping the amount of data (10 MB) the mail server simply rejects all larger data packets and remains permanently operational.

Another aspect is the confidentiality and integrity of sensitive data. Communication via email is generally unencrypted, so it can be read like a postcard by everyone on the Internet. With data packets < 10 MB encrypted communication via email is also possible. For this purpose the use of mail certificates in Outlook or the integration of secure encryption software such as Gpg4win (http://www.gpg4win.de/) is required. Both communication channels are supported by Das Übersetzernetzwerk, However, the problem with projects with large amounts of data still remains.

For this Das Übersetzernetzwerk offers a data exchange server, which is operated by Das Übersetzernetzwerk and is located in its premises. This server allows the exchange of files up to a size of 1 GB via an encrypted connection. The data cannot be read on the Internet and are stored on the server, secured by password against third parties.

So if you want to transmit confidential, sensitive files for translation or a quotation to us, talk to us about the secure exchange of data. We will provide you with your personal login to our server.


PGP key

Do you have particularly trustworthy documents? Is a classic e-mail too insecure for you?

You are also welcome to send us your e-mail in encrypted form. We use the PGP procedure for this (https://www.gpg4win.de).

You can download our public PGP key here. This is issued to abalingo GmbH - our company name behind the brand 'das übersetzernetzwerk'. The fingerprint of the PGP key is: