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Wanted: freelance translators

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We offer translations from and in over 50 languages. 

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Translation process

In order to exclude any surprises concerning your cost management, we pay very close attention to transparency. 

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Fields of expertise for translation

Fields of Expertise

Our more than 350 translators provide translations in the fields of law, business, engineering, IT and many more

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We provide translations from and in over 50 languages. Our professional translators translate only into the respective mother tongue. Our network has more than 350 professional tanslators and we can deliver top-notch quality translations in the fields of law, business, engineering, IT and many more. All translations are proofread by a second translator before delivery.

Certified Translation

Certain documents need an official certification together with the translation e.g. birth, marriage and/or death certificates, divorce decrees, trade register excerpts, naturalisation documents and many more. Our certified and sworn translators are in the position to supply our customers with certified translations for authorities, legal courts or any other public institution requiring a legally binding and precise translation of official documents.

Specialised translation

Our translators always translate into their mother tongue. This guarantees that every aspect of the source language text will be rendered in the target language text as well. During their university studies, our translators have concentrated on different fields of expertise and this makes it possible for us to always have the right translator with the necessary and specialised qualifications right at hand - be it a legal, technical, business or any other kind of specialised text.


Particularly when it comes to a text that is to be published, proofreading is not only recommended but is also vital. Our team of proofreaders thoroughly reviews your text or translation with regard to accuracy, entirety and correctness. Naturally, this demanding task will be carried out by native speakers of the respective language. We transfer the proofread text together with our corrections and remarks so that you can track the improvements we have made in your documents.